I'm not a Prepper, but

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I'm not a Prepper, but Empty I'm not a Prepper, but

Post by niglefritz on September 18th 2014, 1:14 pm

I am not a Prepper, but this list looks interesting. It sounds like something that if you look hard enough, you might be able to find bits and pieces in Mother Earth News. I am not sure that you could find all of the information there, though.

I am familiar with how to do some of these things, and I have my comments listed in these: (), but I want to know...
What do you think of some of the subjects listed?
What are you already familiar with?
What have you done? How?
Do you think these things would work in a colder climate like ours?
These cannot all be foolproof.

* Practical tips for storing and stockpiling if your fridge/freezers no longer work. (dehydrating, curing/smoking is some of it)

* Secrets to keeping eggs FRESH for up to 6 months. (part of that is leaving the bloom on, but is there more?)

* Safely canning foods, without electricity! (wood stove)

* Storing food over the winter in a homemade root cellar. (yes, that is a cooler, moderated temperature setting, still done in some homes...I like the idea of a "spring house" too if one is so lucky as to have a spring)

* Digging pits and trenches, lined with straw, to keep crops over the winter. (I really don't think the straw insulation would work in winters where the frost goes down 10', or where the ground is oversaturated)

* How to dry food using ONLY THE SUN! (Mother Earth News...)

* Secrets for salting, brining, and smoking your food. (homesteader common knowledge, for sure)

* Keeping bugs, maggots, & rodents out of your stockpiles. (I would like to know how this one works in conjunction with the straw/root cellar idea. I've always wondered that)

* Curing foods like potatoes before they go into storage. (that is done by leaving the produce on the ground in the sun and fresh air for a time after digging)

* Why veggies & fruits should never be stored together. (some give off gasses...apples do this...which makes other foods ripen and spoil faster)

* Reduce loss of food to rotting, mold, and bacteria. (yes, by preserving it...)

* How to cure meat like our ancestors – over an open fire. (not familiar with this, but it cannot be rocket science to figure out...would this not just be smoking it?)

From: http://theprepperproject.com/off-grid-food/report/

Thinking of getting it to actually see what it all is...and really curious to know all of your thoughts... Question This is where a forum such as this one gets interesting...digging into the nitty gritty.

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I'm not a Prepper, but Empty Re: I'm not a Prepper, but

Post by prairie dog on September 18th 2014, 11:21 pm

The old root cellers kept moet everything good right through the winter by being below frost levels (4 ft ) and I've heard that wood shavings work well for storage as well , I think the idea is "Dry " bedding . I was told that people would leave carrots in the ground covered by a healthy layer of straw and the ground wouldn't freeze thus keeping the roots fresh ? I do know that if we get a good layer of snow right off that the ground will not freeze more then a few inchs , tried it and dug a hole in January one year ? But it has to be a dry fall so that the ground is dry as well .
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