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Before you post here, read this Empty Before you post here, read this

Post by Sweetened on March 19th 2014, 10:07 am

 Sad I confess. When I created this forum, I did so for a few reasons.

The first and primary reasons was my inability to find information that was relatable on a homesteading and small farming front. It wasn't and isn't that the information out there isn't useful and worthwhile, but it's not tailored to Canadian living and climate. When Organic Gardening Magazine starts sending me the "Every Zone Gardening Prep" email and it STARTS at Zone 3, I am reminded that the rest of us are often forgotten and that, yes, life does exist and thrive here in Zones 0, 1 and 2. But that information is hard to come by. The best way to learn it is from those who have learned it themselves, either from someone else or from hands on trial and error. There is a market for this, and a need for it (which is clear based on the number of people who joined within the first week, from adverts that, for the most part, were deleted within hours of being posted).

The internet lacked a broad spectrum Canadian homesteading and small farming forum, until now. It's here, and it can only grow. As it grows, I will find people interested in taking on some moderation duties in sections they tend to post in, and then we can start to pursue other benefits of membership like newsletters, archives and registries.

So here's the confession, the other reason. I wanted to be able to moderate and administrate a forum the way I wanted to, to see if it would work and be effective. I believe that having a community filled with informative, on topic posts is incredibly useful and a brilliant resource for people to be able to find answers to the questions they need. But a community is more than numbers and information, a community is the people within. People aren't made up of numbers and information alone, they are made up of life experiences, beliefs, convictions, stigmas and hangups. There are know-it-alls, salesmen, quiet and shy, lurkers, antagonists and trolls. A community, a forum like this is a story in the works, and every story is made up of different characters who all serve a purpose.

I have found that other places have really clipped the wings of their members. Some forums have done so at the expense of the membership and participation of many in order to save a few. That is not what this place is about. General chat is general chat. It is the place for idle conversation and getting to know people, the place to debate and have fun, discuss controversies and concerns. That will not change in order to cater to many, let alone a few. If this fact bothers you, stay out of general chat. If you don't feel you should have to stay out of general chat but that controversial and heated topics and debate shouldn't be allowed, or should only be allowed in a certain fashion, this forum is not for you. I will not sacrifice the purpose of this forum for anyone, because this is what I believe makes a community. There are other forums out there that are not as broad spectrum or Canadian in nature that are better suited to people who need intimate structure or cliques in which to reside.

I ask if you participate in the unmoderated forums to do so at your own discretion. As per the rules section, there is an exception of a very small list of things that will be moderated, and otherwise, you're on your own. But feel free to get other people involved in your conversations, and by golly have them! Cuss if you want to and get mad, or have fun and post some humor. Topics like GMO's, Raw Milk and Marijuana don't disappear because we're here, they don't stop being part of our beliefs or concerns just because we're typing or sharing with people we've never met in person. Be yourself, and talk about things that matter to you. Because you matter, and you are part of this community; this community is a living, thriving entity that will only continue to grow and change.

The one thing that won't change, is the way it's ran. I hope you understand.



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